The sixth day of August…

The sixth day of August…

There are some days in life that are just bittersweet…today is one of those days.

On a sweet note, today is Cindy’s birthday.  She is my sister Gerry’s firstborn.  Cindy is beautiful with a heart of gold…just like her late Mom.  She has an ever ready smile and a wonderful sense of humor.  We are always laughing when we’re all together.  An amazing pianist and wonderful teacher, she must bless the hearts of the students at the college where she teaches.  No doubt, she blesses the hearts of our entire family…just as she blesses mine.  Happy Birthday, Cindy!  I love you.  Wish I could be there to celebrate with all of you!

Love this photo from about 1957.  Cindy was almost 5 and I was 12.  (Guessing at the year and ages here.)

Apparently, I’d propped her up in the car window!  I was a really good baby sitter!


Sadly, today also marks the ninth anniversary of my beautiful sister Dot’s death.  She fought a courageous battle against AML (Acute Myloid Leukemia) but Heaven needed her.  She had such strength and optimism.  She believed in FAMILY more than anyone I have ever known.  Dot remembered special days with a card, a note or a call.  She organized family reunions and made sure that we all got together.  She had a gift for staying in touch.  Dot had the burden/privilege of being the oldest…maybe that comes with the territory.  As I shared in the previous post, searching for our family roots was Dot’s inspiration and I will honor her by finishing it.  She would like that.  

How I would love to answer the phone and hear her quip one more time, “Hello!  What’s going on besides the rent?” with that smile in her voice.  I miss her every single day…but I will see her in Heaven.

 I love this picture of my sister when she was about 21 years old. 

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Although I am a true Southern Heart (I was born in Mississippi and grew up in Tennessee), I also love the Prairie, and that is where I am now.

I am a mother of three grown children - two wonderful sons and an amazing, beautiful daughter. I am a grandmother of nine - two grandsons and seven granddaughters. If you were to ask my grandchildren: they would tell you that "being a grandmother is what I do and that nothing in this world could keep me from it".


  1. Lovely tribute to both your sister and your niece. Love the photos.

  2. Carole Perkins :

    She was so pretty….reminds me of my older sister who works so hard to keep family close. She is our “ram rod”, as my brother likes to call her. She made me an aunt when I was 8 and again when I was 9, so I know how you feel about Cindy. I thought Jana and Judy were just dolls for me to wag around.
    Yes, some glad morning, there will be a grand reunion! I can’t wait!

  3. Sweet memories, Dianne! I’m sure your sister is looking down right now with love for her ‘little sis’. I’m glad you commented on my recent post – I have been trying to re-connect with everyone since Google Reader went away and messed up my blog list. I will put you on the list right now! Hugs xoxo

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