Music and memories…

Music and memories…

When I was growing up, my older sisters (11, 15 and 18 years older) were playing the music of the fifties. I grew up listening to the sounds featured on the first “youtube” video below. My sisters were wonderful dancers. By the time I was ten and Sharon was eight, we could dance. I don’t know…maybe we had watched my sisters enough. I don’t remember that part. Neither Mama nor Daddy ever owned up to where (from which one of them) we all got the rhythm we had, but we could dance.

On the weekends, my sisters would occasionally go dancing. They would get all dressed up in the wonderful 1950’s fashions with high heels and go dancing with their boyfriend/husband/fiance. Sharon and I were, of course, much too young, so we’d get in the hallway of the house on Victor Drive with the polished hardwood floors, turn the music up and “bop” (the swing music or boogie-woogie today). I don’t remember Mama ever complaining that the music was too loud or that we were under foot. Most of the time, she and Daddy would be laughing at us.  Eventually, we would get tired.

I was listening to some great fifties music this afternoon. Those mellow sounds of the wonderful saxophone of Ace Cannon were coming across the built-in speakers all throughout the house. I was dancing to Alley Cat as I cooked supper. I couldn’t help it. The memories were tumbling in and I was a very young teenager again…dancing in the hallway of a little house in Memphis.

Dianne 1963

Of course, the music of the sixties brings back a whole new “set” of memories: high school, college, falling in love, being a young newlywed and, later, having two small children fifteen and a half months apart. Amazing, isn’t it…?

This is a neat “youtube” video.  If you remember this time, you’ll enjoy it.

If you don’t remember it, you should enjoy it anyway!  

After all these years, this is still fun…
I don’t remember doing all the acrobatics (but some). I tried teaching my granddaughters in Montana a few of these steps and they thought it was fun!  Of course, I must admit that I don’t remember being so out of breath in the sixties!  😉


Dancing with two of my granddaughters at my younger son’s wedding reception…October 2006.

This post was originally published in my blog, My Southern Heart…the Memories.

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  1. Last May, my cousin’s older daughter was married. They had music and dancing at their reception. After the bride had taken off her wedding gown and put on a shorter dress, she did a dance with a young man she was friends with in high school. I don’t know if it had anything to do with the drill team that Christi had been on in school, but apparently she and this guy had learned what they called swing dancing (very much like what is in the above video clips). So at the reception, they did some swing dancing together. They were good and such fun to watch! I didn’t know young people were still doing this type of dancing (or even knew what it is), and I was glad to see that they do!

    • Janet, it is so much fun to do if you have a partner who knows how to do all the moves! I was so skinny in high school and college and now I see why! 😉

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