The Kid…

The Kid…

I loved the movie The Kid starring Bruce Willis.  A Disney movie released in 2000, The Kid is a drama-comedy-fantasy about a 40 year old miserable – but successful – image consultant played by Bruce Willis.  Through magic, known only to Hollywood, Bruce’s character meets himself as a ten year old boy and the story of his life evolves.  It’s a great story.  Much like seeing the house you grew up in…years later…and saying you “remembered it being larger” or wondering how all of you fit into 3 small bedrooms and 1 bathroom.  Or seeing the backyard you played in with the big tree you climbed in and, somehow, it was all so much bigger back then. Remember the stages in your life when everything seemed so urgent – as if there would never be enough time for anything else?   If you could go back and tell yourself anything at one of those stages of your life, what would you say?

  • I’d tell two year old Dianne that someday there would be grandchildren who would actually favor her a little bit.  I’d also tell her to hang on to the ball even when the photographer asked for it back.  Apparently, he did and I told him “no, you have one”!


  • I would tell 5 year old Dianne that she and her niece Sharon would always be together like sisters.  She would miss her when they lived far apart but they just had to call and the other one would come.


  • I’d tell nine year old Dianne to “run” and not let Mama cut her bangs anymore.  In any case, I’d reassure that one day soon she could grow her bangs out – or not – just as she wanted to do!

Dianne about age 10 years

  • I’d tell thirteen year old Dianne that while it was true she would never be any taller than 5’4″ tall, she wouldn’t always be wearing a training bra!

Dianne age 13


  • I’d tell 18 year old Dianne that even if that was “the style” back then, to let her hair grow out!




  • I would tell 26 year old sleep-deprived, busy, happy mom of two Dianne to enjoy every single moment of these toddler years.  I would tell her that they were going to grow up altogether too fast and to enjoy the journey.  I would also tell her that all her children were going to grow up every bit as special as she dreamed they would.




  • I would tell 39 year old Dianne, mom of a 5 year old creative entertainer, to believe him and encourage him when he said he was going to grow up and take over a well known television show one day.  He is certainly headed in that direction!




  • I would remind thirty-four year old Dianne to treasure every moment with all four sisters together!  The sad day would come when two of them would be in Heaven much too soon.

4 McGregor girls3


Through it all, I know enough to know that God is in control.  The Dianne of today knows not to take anyone or anything for granted…to enjoy each and every day.  I may not know what the future holds…but I know WHO holds the future!  


Enjoy a glimpse of THE KID below…

Rest in peace, Robin…

Rest in peace, Robin…

Along with the rest of the world this week, I was stunned and saddened to read of Robin Williams’ tragic suicide.  I read the story in tears as I remembered all the times that Robin Williams had made me laugh…and the times he had moved me to tears.  An amazingly gifted actor, he could portray any emotion – drama or comedy – and everything in between.  I loved his movies and that quirky grin of his.  He will be greatly missed.  I miss him already.  Rest in peace, Robin…




Sadly, this heartbreaking story reminds us that we never truly know what is in the heart and mind of another.  We see the smiles that don’t quite reach the sad, dark eyes.  We hear the response of “fine” when we ask “how are you?”  And yet, they’re not fine.  They’re hurting.  The pain of depression is raw and deep – but invisible all the same.  Unless you’re listening.  Unless you are paying attention to the signs that are usually there.  Depression can propel you to a valley so deep and dark, you feel there is no end to it…and no way out of it.  Depression is many degrees beyond sadness.  Depression is hopelessness and dark despair.  Depression hurts…truly, truly hurts.  I’ve been there.  Many of you have been there.  It helped that I am a strong believer and had my faith but the depression still hurt.

I spent ten years out of my long nursing career as a Child Psych RN, working with depressed, emotionally disturbed children.  Some of that time was also spent working with adults.  If you know someone who is clinically depressed, I can give you a few phrases NOT to say:  “you shouldn’t feel this way!”…”oh, you’ll be fine”…”buck up and get over it”…”you have nothing to be depressed about”…”what’s wrong with you?”.    There are other phrases, of course, but you get the idea.

You need to be there to listen, to care, to support, to get whatever help is needed.  You need to provide nonjudgmental, unconditional love to the person who is in a pit so deep they cannot get out.  Don’t leave them alone until you know they’re getting help!  Deep clinical depression usually requires medication (antidepressants and maybe anti-anxiety medication), inpatient or outpatient therapy and ongoing counseling.  In time, life will be better…just not overnight…and not without help.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I know that Robin’s family and close friends are asking themselves what they could have done differently.  How they could have stopped this tragic ending.  They need our prayers now.  We knew Robin from all the many faces and amazing characters he portrayed for us.  They knew him as husband, father, brother, friend…


Can’t you just hear him saying, “GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM!”





Robin, I  hope that you are at peace and that you’re making the angels laugh now!

His biographical story is here

Losing another good one…

Losing another good one…

James Garner: 1928 – 2014

Some people make an impression on you without even trying.  They just can’t help it.  Tall, dark and handsome James Garner was one such individual.  No doubt, you will fondly recall him in Maverick and The Rockford Files.  Remember the role he played in 1963’s The Great Escape?  If you didn’t see it, rent it.  It’s worth two hours of your time.

I loved him in Murphy’s Romance.  He and Sally Field were perfect together.  He was her first love; she was his last.  Then, of course, there is The Notebook.  It’s time to watch it again…after I buy some tissues!

Rest in peace, James Garner.  You made this world a better place.  Here is his biography.  He didn’t have an easy early life but I’m thankful there was joy and success in the end. 








I think I will buy some old fashioned popcorn this afternoon – you know, the kind you pop on top of the stove – and curl up and watch this movie tonight!  Just me with my memories of James Garner… 


Doc Martin…

Doc Martin…

Any Doc Martin fans out there???


My next-door-neighbor recently loaned me the first four seasons of the wonderful British medical comedy/drama series.  I began watching and immediately fell in love with the cantankerous, socially inept doctor played so brilliantly by Martin Clunes.   I had seen Martin Clunes in a couple of other films where he was warm, outgoing and smiling, so it took me a while to adjust to this version of the adorable actor…but I quickly did.  I spent most of that weekend glued to the television (not something I usually do).  When one installment ended, I couldn’t wait to see the next one!  

Set in the fictional seaside village of Portwenn, it is actually filmed in Port Isaac, Cornwall.  Seeing Cornwall is now on my “Bucket List”, along with the rest of the British Isles.


I ordered all six series from Acorn TV on ebay and waited…impatiently I might add, although their delivery was prompt.  Then I watched the last two series and loved it even more.  Season six ended on a cliffhanger and I cannot wait until they produce Season 7.  Sadly, from what I’ve read, Season 7 will probably be the end of Doc Martin.

Check your local library for Doc Martin or pay the nominal fee to Acorn TV to see the series on your computer monitor or television.  Then, laugh and cry along with the rest of the world.  Doc Martin is that good!

Below is a youtube clip of an interview with a smiling, animated Martin Clunes.  There’s also a clip of him with Louisa, the local school headmistress (principal), played wonderfully by Caroline Catz.  You will fall in love with Louisa too! 

If you can’t get enough of Martin Clunes and you’ve seen all six series of Doc Martin, then watch this wonderful documentary Martin Clunes did – “A Lion Called Mugie”.  Set in Africa, it’s a beautiful story and one you will enjoy.

Pinterest and farmhouse sinks…

Pinterest and farmhouse sinks…

A while back, I was trying to explain to my daughter about Pinterest.  It’s a bit like a cyber wish list where one can categorize all the things that make your heart sing a bit.  Actually, taking a close look at someone’s Pinterest just might tell you a little bit about that person.  Pinterest is also a place to store photos of ideas and things you’d like to have in the future.  There is always a link back to the original source of the item so, no doubt, that would help sales for them.  It’s a place to keep the photos of the homes or designer items that I may never have again, but there is nothing wrong with dreaming.  It’s fun to “follow” someone else’s dream pages and have them follow yours.  Pinterest is also a terrific source for finding all sorts of tutorials, knitting and sewing ideas.  It’s like a million Sears wish books!  I think that is what Pinterest is about to me…

Right now, this condo/apartment needs a new sink.  The homeowner is aware of the rust that has been on the backside of this expensive rental all along and, hopefully, that will be next on her agenda.  Granted, she is not going to put in my favorite type of sink but if I ever have a little cottage of my own, I would love one of these farmhouse sinks!  It puts me in mind of the classic 40’s and 50’s movies and the homes often depicted in them.  I think the copper sinks are neat, but I would still prefer the farmhouse white.  Obviously, others feel the same way about farmhouse sinks because these photos were found on Pinterest!





By the way, there is a link to My Pinterest on the right sidebar…just scroll down a bit and feel free to follow my wish list!  I’d love that…


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