Cooking and Recipes…

I was blessed to have a wonderful Mother who dearly loved her family and her home.  I write about her and the rest of my family in my other blog.  Mama was an amazing cook and homemaker.  I’m blessed to have inherited some of her artistic gifts and talents…and her love of cooking.

After arriving in the Midwest, I spent almost two months with my precious daughter and her family.  My daughter has turned into a gourmet cook and I loved the wonderful meals she prepared!  While I did help cook occasionally, I think I was a little spoiled!  (Well, okay, I was very spoiled!)

Now, I am on my own in a condo with a fully equipped kitchen but cooking for one is not all that appealing.  The roles have reversed and, now, it is my daughter telling me that I must “eat right”!  So, I have just returned from the grocery store with enough food and staples to, once again, stock the pantry well.  It’s an expensive trip to start all over with everything – from vanilla, flour, sugar, kosher salt, etc.!  You name it – I didn’t have it.  I do now.

I look forward to sharing yummy recipes with you soon!


  1. Welcome to your new home – I’m sure you will be giving us a tour in the near future. It IS difficult cooking for one, but I am sure your grandchildren will be wanting sleepovers and you and they will be spending quality time in the kitchen as well as doing fun “stuff”. Consider this your “house warming”.

    hugs –

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