The Kid…

The Kid…

I loved the movie The Kid starring Bruce Willis.  A Disney movie released in 2000, The Kid is a drama-comedy-fantasy about a 40 year old miserable – but successful – image consultant played by Bruce Willis.  Through magic, known only to Hollywood, Bruce’s character meets himself as a ten year old boy and the story of his life evolves.  It’s a great story.  Much like seeing the house you grew up in…years later…and saying you “remembered it being larger” or wondering how all of you fit into 3 small bedrooms and 1 bathroom.  Or seeing the backyard you played in with the big tree you climbed in and, somehow, it was all so much bigger back then. Remember the stages in your life when everything seemed so urgent – as if there would never be enough time for anything else?   If you could go back and tell yourself anything at one of those stages of your life, what would you say?

  • I’d tell two year old Dianne that someday there would be grandchildren who would actually favor her a little bit.  I’d also tell her to hang on to the ball even when the photographer asked for it back.  Apparently, he did and I told him “no, you have one”!


  • I would tell 5 year old Dianne that she and her niece Sharon would always be together like sisters.  She would miss her when they lived far apart but they just had to call and the other one would come.


  • I’d tell nine year old Dianne to “run” and not let Mama cut her bangs anymore.  In any case, I’d reassure that one day soon she could grow her bangs out – or not – just as she wanted to do!

Dianne about age 10 years

  • I’d tell thirteen year old Dianne that while it was true she would never be any taller than 5’4″ tall, she wouldn’t always be wearing a training bra!

Dianne age 13


  • I’d tell 18 year old Dianne that even if that was “the style” back then, to let her hair grow out!




  • I would tell 26 year old sleep-deprived, busy, happy mom of two Dianne to enjoy every single moment of these toddler years.  I would tell her that they were going to grow up altogether too fast and to enjoy the journey.  I would also tell her that all her children were going to grow up every bit as special as she dreamed they would.




  • I would tell 39 year old Dianne, mom of a 5 year old creative entertainer, to believe him and encourage him when he said he was going to grow up and take over a well known television show one day.  He is certainly headed in that direction!




  • I would remind thirty-four year old Dianne to treasure every moment with all four sisters together!  The sad day would come when two of them would be in Heaven much too soon.

4 McGregor girls3


Through it all, I know enough to know that God is in control.  The Dianne of today knows not to take anyone or anything for granted…to enjoy each and every day.  I may not know what the future holds…but I know WHO holds the future!  


Enjoy a glimpse of THE KID below…

Penny and Mike…

Penny and Mike…


Dianne, Penny & Bobbie – 1967.

There is something to be said for friends who have been with you for fifty years of your life – especially when that friend is also your sister-in-law…or as I like to say “sister-in-love”.

Her brother was my husband for 39 years and the father of my three wonderful children.  Sadly, he died of a massive coronary in April 2006.  Mike, Penny’s sweet husband, has been with us for most of those 50 years and is like a brother to me.

We have been together through the lean times, the good times, the hard times, the sad and happy times.  There has been a whole lot of laughter, some tears along the way and a bank of wonderful memories.

They left yesterday morning for the ten+ hour drive back home to Memphis after spending a sweet week with me.  The thing about having been together for so long is that we are family…we pick up right where we left off.  They’re at home here and that makes me glad.

They are always an incredible help.  Each time they come, Mike fixes something or makes something right here in this condo.  This time, he put together a kitchen island that I ordered which has been sitting in the box for at least two months.  I had proudly put together two bookcases “all by myself” but this island/cabinet was way beyond my expertise.  It looks great and gives me much needed storage.




Penny took things out of the tiny pantry and organized my new cabinet and it looks great!  There are two drawers in the cabinet where I can now store my silverware instead of having to keep it in a silverware tray in the tiny pantry!  It all looks so much better and I’m thrilled with it!

Mike also hung up a rack for my broom, dustmop and mop!  No more falling behind the dryer!  😉  Such a simple thing, right?  But a nuisance when you don’t have one.  It doesn’t take a whole lot to make me happy and this simple rack makes me happy!


Probably the biggest challenge of all was my storage room on the lower floor here in the condo building.  I had tried cleaning it out one snowy winter day but it was so overwhelming, I wound up in tears and packed it all back in!  We ended up taking a box of things to Goodwill and the rest is now so neatly organized.  There is no way I could have done it without them!  I kept saying they were going to have to go home to get a rest but they insisted they enjoyed helping.  Thank you so very much for the immense help!!!

Two of the days they were here, they drove up to the Mall of America and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I had a dentist appointment this time but definitely plan on going with them on their next trip.  We also enjoyed delicious dinners at my daughter’s home three evenings plus a drive out to tour their new farm!  That was a lot of fun.  My grandchildren love Aunt Penny & Uncle Mike!

There was also a mystery that Penny solved and Mike fixed!  Over the past almost two years, I have been getting “holes” in my shirts & tops – just about at the waistline.  On some of them, there is a series of small holes.  My favorite tops that I wear more often have larger holes!  Slowly, but surely, my clothes were getting worn out and torn up!  Was it the washing machine?  No.  Did I have moths in the closet?  No.  Penny figured it out!

The granite counter top in the kitchen is made of granite floor tiles (definitely not a good idea!) and the edge all along the kitchen work surface area was sharp and rough…and consequently ruining my clothes!!!  We bought narrow, clear corner edging for the rough edges and wah-lah!  Now, it is smooth and the clear edging doesn’t really show.  I am also going to get into the habit of wearing an apron…since I had to buy several new things to replace the ones with holes!  Way to go, Penny & Mike!


I was sad to see them go but look forward to seeing them during my two week visit home to the South in October!


 Love these pics of them.  

Top pic:  Winter, mid 90’s in Terre Haute, Indiana.  

I appliqued the snowman sweatshirt she is wearing and she loved it.  

Below:  At my younger son’s wedding.

Penny & Mike at Justin's wedding


The sixth day of August 2014…

The sixth day of August 2014…

Another day in August…another milestone.  Joy and sadness.  Laughter and tears.  This was originally posted in Sweet Journey Home on August 6, 2013.  What can I say?  I don’t think I can say it any better.  I look forward to seeing my family in the South the first two weeks of October.  My niece Cindy makes everyone’s heart sing and laugh!  Here she is in the pic below with her two wonderful children.  Happy Birthday, Cindy!  I love you!



The Sixth Day of August…

There are some days in life that are just bittersweet…today is one of those days.

On a sweet note, today is Cindy’s birthday.  She is my sister Gerry’s firstborn.  Cindy is beautiful with a heart of gold…just like her late Mom.  She has an ever ready smile and a wonderful sense of humor.  We are always laughing when we’re all together.  An amazing pianist and wonderful teacher, she must bless the hearts of the students at the college where she teaches.  No doubt, she blesses the hearts of our entire family…just as she blesses mine.  Happy Birthday, Cindy!  I love you.  Wish I could be there to celebrate with all of you!  But I will see you in October!

Love this photo from about 1957.  Cindy was almost 5 and I was 12.  (Guessing at the year and ages here.)

Apparently, I’d propped her up in the car window!  I was a really good baby sitter!


Sadly, today also marks the tenth anniversary of my beautiful sister Dot’s death.  She fought a courageous battle against AML (Acute Myloid Leukemia) but Heaven needed her.  She had such strength and optimism.  She believed in FAMILY more than anyone I have ever known.  Dot remembered special days with a card, a note or a call.  She organized family reunions and made sure that we all got together.  She had a gift for staying in touch.  Dot had the burden/privilege of being the oldest…maybe that comes with the territory.  As I shared in the previous post, searching for our family roots was Dot’s inspiration and I will honor her by finishing it.  She would like that.

How I would love to answer the phone and hear her quip one more time, “Hello!  What’s going on besides the rent?” with that smile in her voice.  I miss her every single day…but I will see her in Heaven.

 I love this picture of my sister when she was about 21 years old. 






Birthdays in Heaven…

Birthdays in Heaven…

I wonder about a lot of things.  I always have.  Thankfully, there is the Bible, the inspired Word of God, to fill in a lot of the blanks.  Maybe with all the things we really  need to know.  I know in Heaven there is no more sorrow, no more crying, no more night, no more illness – no more growing old.  We are young and strong again.  I know we “will know as we are known”.  We will recognize one another!  Since we won’t be growing old, as we do on this earth, then I have to assume we won’t be celebrating birthdays.  Or maybe we will remember the birthday that we had on this earth?  The Bible doesn’t tell us that.

If my sister Gerry were still on the earth, she would be celebrating her 84th birthday.  But she’s in Heaven and young again.  I dreamed about her last night.  I dreamed about her birthday and everyone was celebrating.  I believe that she is celebrating in Heaven today!  Happy Birthday, Sis!  I miss you more than words can say but I will see you again in Heaven!


 Above:  boating on Grenada Lake about 1963.  

Below:  At their house “on the hill” mid 1980’s.  

She’s probably making a joke in Heaven about her 80’s hair!





August 1st is also the day of celebrating my daughter-in-love Amanda’s birthday.  She really is very much like my sister Gerry – the same heart of gold.  I will always remember when my son brought her home from college to meet us.  His father and I fell in love with Amanda right there on the spot.  I clearly remember telling my son, “you can marry her or I will ADOPT her, but either way, I am KEEPING her!”  I’m so happy to be her second mom.  Happy Birthday, Amanda!  I love you!


August 1st is also my daughter and her beloved’s wedding anniversary!  Tonight, I will be babysitting as they go out for dinner to celebrate their 22nd wedding anniversary.  Where did the time go?  Thankfully, that time gave me four wonderful grandchildren.  I have two sons and one that I consider my precious son as well!  I am blessed!  Happy Anniversary!  I love you both!

For more pics and stories of the first day of August, read here.

Memories of Bill…

Memories of Bill…

December 1, 1943 –  April 10, 2006

We are souls living in bodies.  Our bodies grow old, but our souls never die.  Seven years ago, you went to Heaven.  While you are no longer on this earth, your spirit lingers on in the lives of our three amazing children.  You would be so proud of them.  They are strong, loving, successful.  They are giving and devoted spouses.   They are loving, remarkable, wonderful parents.

They are happy.

Our grandchildren are treasures.  I tell them about you often.  I tell them “Granddad stories”.   I wish you could have lived long enough to have met the youngest ones.  They will hear Granddad stories too.  I see so much of you in our children and, now, in the grandchildren.  No doubt, they will have your drive and your competitive streak.  They are all athletic like you.  They’re artistic like both of us.  You would love hearing them play the piano and the violin.

Our grandchildren are incredible blessings and bring me such joy.

From time to time, I do see a mischievous grin on their faces and I know just where that came from…

Love always,


Matching shirts in the early seventies…

Our two older children…fifteen & a half months apart.  Joyful, busy days for a young Mom and Dad.  Here they are coloring before bedtime in our son’s “cowboy & Indian” room…

late eighties at Vanderbilt University…our little cowboy grew up

Glacier National Park and a week of backpacking…


Daddy and Daddy’s girl


Graduation day…Mississippi College

Wearing her Dad’s Heroes shirt…


Our youngest little bundle of forever joy…


Taking a break from playing frisbee by the street lights…

Graduation day at Indiana University…

Our firstborn grandchild helping Granddad paint…

Granddad talking to our daughter’s oldest two children…

Granddad and our firstborn grandchild. At Scott and Amy’s wedding in Memphis…


Granddad holding our daughter’s daughter…


2004…Granddad holding our daughter’s baby girl.


Granddad holding our firstborn’s firstborn…

Playing doll clothes with our older son’s firstborn on a visit to Memphis.


Granddad and our older son’s baby girl…they had been playing doll clothes and dolls in the floor with Granddad. We celebrated her second birthday that week.


GrandDad, Great-Grandmom, our older son and his daughters…


My three sisters and Bill on a visit when we lived in Terre Haute, Indiana. Sad to think that three of them are now in Heaven. My sister (second from right) and I remain behind on this earth…


(L to R) Penny (Bill’s sister), Bobbie (Bill’s late Mom) and Bill. This was taken on one of their fun visits to Terre Haute.

A fun photo taken at Silver Dollar City in Missouri.

This is actually my favorite pic of the two of us…

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