About me…

While I shall always be a true Southern Heart, there is a part of me that also loves the Prairie.  I love the gentle rolling hills and the tall prairie grasses that stretch as far as the eye can see.  I love the abundant prairie flowers that grow everywhere.  It is to the Prairie that my sweet journey home has taken me…

Over the past four years, so many of you read my previous blog, My Southern Heart, and I thank you for that.  I do hope you will stay with me as this journey of mine unfolds.

I am happily married to the last love of my life.  This life we are sharing together has been and will continue to be an adventure.  I am a mother of three:  two wonderful sons and an amazing, beautiful daughter.  I am most happily a grandmother of nine:  two grandsons and seven granddaughters.

I have been a Registered Nurse since 1978 (though now retired).  I worked in several different fields throughout those years, including Neuro-Trauma, ICU, Cardiac, Medical-Surgical, Child-Psych and Oncology.  Needless to say, Child Psych was both the most rewarding and the most heart wrenching.

While I did enjoy being a Registered Nurse, if you were to ask my grandchildren what my greatest role in this life is…they could answer that one in a heartbeat.

Likes?  Hobbies?  I love the old classic movies, 50’s and 60’s music (well, okay, almost all music!), hymns, knitting, sewing, painting, cooking (especially Southern style!), baking, dancing, writing, decorating and spending time with my family.

I’ve taken a journey back home to be close to family, close to those I love.  From here, I can travel South in a matter of a very long day.  Who could ask for anything more?



  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog My Southern heart and look forward to reading about your sweet journey home blog. Wishing you many blessings in your new adventure…

  2. I am so thrilled. :

    Glad that you have made it to Iowa. Long drive home for me… I got up early on Saturday to see my oldest grandson Alex run his first 5K with his cousin (my oldest granddaughter Madison,his Aunt Gretchan and Aunt Megan. Caitlin and Luke ran their race that was one mile. I was the cheering–Mom,Grandma for the runners. I am so proud of them. We spent a wonderful weekend with them.

  3. I had fun reading your entries. Has your furniture arrived??

  4. I see I’ve missed lots while I’ve been MIA. Congratulations on your move to be near some of your children and grands. I know they will fill your life with joy! blessings ~ tanna

  5. I have been a longtime fan of My Southern Heart and look forward to reading this next series of chapters in your life!

  6. Nancee Tanner :

    You are an old friend and a remarkable, warm southern lady………and your writing is always filled with love, “positivity” and a most genteel, sentimental twist on life–hope I grow up like you when and if I grow up!

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