If you’ve read My Southern Heart for the past four years, then you know that I am a dogless dog lover (being dogless was not my choice!).  This sweet baby in my arms is Kiana as a puppy.  She is now four years old and she loves me.  She knows she is my granddog and she vies for her share of attention!

Kiana is a Hungarian Vizla.  You only have to say the word “bird” or “rabbit” to Kiana and her ears perk up!  She hurries to the window to check it out!  When I arrive for a visit, she immediately brings her dog toy “rope” and drops it at my feet – as if to say “okay, you’re here now – let’s play”!

Kiana is a well-trained and loved member of the family…and my granddog.



  1. Oh there is nothing like being loved by a dog.


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