I love the color turquoise.  I love it paired with any number of colors – white, yellow, green, red.  I love it paired with copper.

My love affair with decorating and the color turquoise started years ago…when I was a high school student.  I had a part-time job at a neighborhood bakery after school for a while (until it appeared it would challenge keeping make my A+ average).  I remember taking part of my meager salary (we’re talking 50 years ago when the hourly minimum wage was downright sad) and surprising Mama with everything needed to redecorate our one bathroom in the little house on Victor Drive.

I was only 16 years old maybe and knew absolutely nothing about decorating.  Nevertheless, I purchased turquoise paint for the bathroom walls, white paint for the trim, and a turquoise and white striped shower curtain.  I added some new white towels to the mix and  headed home to surprise Mama.  She was surprised – though she said I shouldn’t have spent my money on the house.  Even so, I think she was happy and we set about painting.  Have you ever wished you could go back in time – knowing what you know now?  I’d like one more shot at that little bathroom with the skills and knowledge acquired over the past 50 years.  All the same, it was an improvement and Mama liked it.


Earlier this week, I created a “board” about the color turquoise on Pinterest.  It was fun sorting and browsing through all the ways turquoise is enjoyed.   If you don’t know about Pinterest, I wrote about the joys of  Pinterest here.   If you’d like to see my turquoise board, it’s here.   These photos are on my Pinterest board and are from another favorite place of mine:  Joss and MainThere’s a link to “follow me” on my Pinterest site and I’d love it if you did!



The dining nook…

The dining nook…

When I posted “a little tour” of my new home, I mentioned that I would share photos of my dining nook when I purchased a table and chairs.  My daughter, her two youngest children and I ventured to the furniture store before Thanksgiving.  Grandchildren are very helpful and actually wise beyond their years (especially my 8 year old granddaughter) when it comes to selecting furnishings.  It “had to fit all of us for Sunday dinner” according to my sweet girl and she proceeded to explain how this would work.  There are two extra chairs in my storage room on the lower level.  The table has a hidden leaf which can be opened to an oval which seats six when needed.   We actually scoot in the computer chair too and it seats seven!  Otherwise,  the table looks like this.  Right now, there is a protective cover on the table and my sewing machine!  It’s the perfect place to sew and watch old classic movies at the same time if I so choose.  😉


In past years, I have used the shelves on the hutch for favorite dishes.  This time, I’m enjoying using it for photos framed in black.  I still have several more photos to frame for the buffet.  The perfect place to enjoy my family on a daily basis.

I have so many books that I needed one more bookcase.  Although I ordered the identical bookcase, the stain on the one on the far left was a little lighter.  After putting it together all by myself, there was no way I was returning it!  Come Spring, when I can open windows, I will try to darken the stain to match.  In the meantime, I really don’t notice the difference and am living with it!

I love this little setting.  The antique was a gift from my children’s dad on our twelfth anniversary…many years ago.  The angel was a gift from my daughter and her family.

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