Pinterest and farmhouse sinks…

Pinterest and farmhouse sinks…

A while back, I was trying to explain to my daughter about Pinterest.  It’s a bit like a cyber wish list where one can categorize all the things that make your heart sing a bit.  Actually, taking a close look at someone’s Pinterest just might tell you a little bit about that person.  Pinterest is also a place to store photos of ideas and things you’d like to have in the future.  There is always a link back to the original source of the item so, no doubt, that would help sales for them.  It’s a place to keep the photos of the homes or designer items that I may never have again, but there is nothing wrong with dreaming.  It’s fun to “follow” someone else’s dream pages and have them follow yours.  Pinterest is also a terrific source for finding all sorts of tutorials, knitting and sewing ideas.  It’s like a million Sears wish books!  I think that is what Pinterest is about to me…

Right now, this condo/apartment needs a new sink.  The homeowner is aware of the rust that has been on the backside of this expensive rental all along and, hopefully, that will be next on her agenda.  Granted, she is not going to put in my favorite type of sink but if I ever have a little cottage of my own, I would love one of these farmhouse sinks!  It puts me in mind of the classic 40’s and 50’s movies and the homes often depicted in them.  I think the copper sinks are neat, but I would still prefer the farmhouse white.  Obviously, others feel the same way about farmhouse sinks because these photos were found on Pinterest!





By the way, there is a link to My Pinterest on the right sidebar…just scroll down a bit and feel free to follow my wish list!  I’d love that…


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  1. Oh I LOVE the white one in the blue counters surrounding it. I dont like the smaller FH sinks, but the HUGE white porceline ones are my FAVS!!!!

    And you summed up PINTEREST perfectly!!! I have one and just went to look at your boards and decided to follw them ALL!!!
    You do some beautiful photography as well!!!


  2. The farmhouse sinks are like the ones we had when I was growing up and there was actually room to do something in them. I’m going take a look at your boards – I’m sure I’ll be just as impressed as Sunny was. I haven’t gotten fully into the Pinterest thing yet but plan to do so.

    • Lillian, if you upload your photos of your delicious recipes on to Pinterest, you could have a whole section just for those…or maybe you should just publish a cookbook! 😉 Anyway, I think you would have fun with it.

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