Catching up…

Catching up…

January in Des Moines is not for the faint of heart.  After a couple of weeks with frigid well-below-zero temps, the days that followed spoiled us with the temperature in the mid-thirties.  I ventured out yesterday and was nearly blown away with a fierce wind that made the actual 29 degrees feel more like -50!  I’m not kidding.  I did my banking at the drive-up window and my deposit slip almost flew out of my hands before I could reach the rock in the drawer to anchor it down.  Next stop was for a much needed haircut and purchase of necessary hair products.  The water here is so hard (no water softener) that it does a number on my hair!  Last stop was the grocery store for a few supplies.  Today the temperature is a windy 17 degrees.  Think I will stay in where it’s warm and knit!

Last night, I took the ingredients to my downstairs friend’s condo and she showed me the secret for making her delicious orange chicken with broccoli, carrots & rice that she served when I was her guest a couple of weeks ago.  Basically, we repeated the same delicious meal she served and enjoyed it once again!  Since it is no fun cooking for one, we decided to cook together occasionally and try to recapture the joy of cooking.


I seem to have lost my mojo for writing these past few weeks, so this blog post is by way of catching up.  I had a wonderful visit with each of my sons and their families before Christmas.  I helped put up a Christmas tree and decorate for the holidays in Louisville and then in Dallas.  The visits were wonderful and I miss them all!  I arrived back in Des Moines on the 17th of December.  I was battling a sinus infection and didn’t feel like even putting up a tree!  I spent a fun Christmas day with my daughter and her family and then on the day after Christmas, we all traveled back to Kentucky.  I spent ten hours in a van (coming and going!) to enjoy a quick 48 hours with my oldest son and his family and it was worth it!  We had a wonderful visit – just wish it could have been longer.


Baking cookies with my two year old granddaughter!

Next year my youngest granddaughter will be baking cookies with us!


Now it is time to catch up with reading my favorite blogs as well!

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Although I am a true Southern Heart (I was born in Mississippi and grew up in Tennessee), I also love the Prairie, and that is where I am now.

I am a mother of three grown children - two wonderful sons and an amazing, beautiful daughter. I am a grandmother of nine - two grandsons and seven granddaughters. If you were to ask my grandchildren: they would tell you that "being a grandmother is what I do and that nothing in this world could keep me from it".


  1. Hey, that orange chicken sounds good! Could you share the recipe?

  2. Oh my goodness, that is cold, Dianne! I hope you are staying bundled up and walking carefully on icy pathways! Staying inside to knit sounds like the right thing to do. How nice that you and your neighbor will be cooking together. Sounds like a wonderful thing to do! The recipe she is teaching you seems really good. I am glad that you spent the holidays with your family, even if it did involve lots of travel, but like you said, it is worth it. Your little grands are just darling. Take good care and hope the cold lifts soon. Hugs xo Karen

  3. Welcome back, Dianne! It’s lovely to get an update. Having grandchildren looks like the best fun.

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